Privacy Policy


The privacy policy is for the site and recognized and declared by Global Innovations/Global Innovations International Fz LLC and implies the safety of its clients who use it.

The policy comes from the numerous ranges where client security is considered and addresses the activities and requirements of the clients, the website and site administrators. The site functions, stocks and customer data will likewise be registered within this procedure.

The Website

The site and its registered owners take a positive way to deal with client security and guarantee the vital steps are taken all through their browsing experience. The site observes with all UAE laws and provisions for client security.

Use of Cookies

The site uses cookies to provide improved customer experience. The site uses cookies controlled framework allowing the client on their prior visit to authorize or avoid the use of cookies on their devices.

Cookies are small files stored on the client’s computer that records, spares and stores data about the client’s usage of the site; allowing the server to deliver them with a modified experience on the website.

Clients are suggested with the option if they wish to deny the use and sharing of cookies from the site to their computer’s storage drive. They must use the web programs privacy settings to avoid any cookies from the website.

The site obtains tracking software to choose the client. The software that was developed by Google Analytics uses cookies to track user engagements but does not gather individual information. Find and read from here Google’s security agreement for details.

Numerous cookies may store to your computer’s storage drive by other vendors when the site uses referral functions, supported links or ads. Cookies are used for conversion and referral follow-up and are commonly terminated after 30 days. No personal data is stored, saved or collected.

Contact & Communication

Clients visiting the website and its administrators do with caution and do not provide personal information that will take the risk. Client’s personal records are reserved private and safe, as stated in the Data Protection Act 1998. All effort are made to guarantee a safe and consistent structure to email resignation process. Thus, still inform client utilization such form to email process that they do at their risk.

The website and its registered owners use data presented to deliver with information about products and services; support you in writing queries. The site includes the use of client’s areas of interest to subscribe to selected e-mail newsletters programs the website works.

However, only if this was clear to express permission which was given when submitting the form. This is not a full list of user rights in concerns to getting e-marketing collateral. The specific elements are handed on to any external party.

Email Newsletter

The site works on e-newsletter program to inform subscribers about products and services provided by the website. Clients can subscribe through an online automated procedure. Some subscriptions may be manually accomplished through written approval with the client.

Subscriptions are referred to the UAE Spam Laws. Every personal point of interest recognizing with a subscription is conserved securely. No specific points of interest are conceded on to the third party or shared with organizations outside the company that controls the website.

Email marketing operations published by the site or its registered owners may include some facilities within the email. Subscriber performance is followed and saved in a database for future review and assessment. The activity may include email opening, message sending, links clicking within the email, time, date and repetition of action. The data is used to refine future email campaigns and deliver the clients with more relevant substance based according to their usage.

Observing with UAE Spam Laws, subscribers are given the chance to unsubscribe through an automated system. The process is detailed at the end of each campaign email.

External Content

The website transmits content and pictures from external Third Parties and Companies. The website does not have any accountability for accuracy and validity of the content. The site should not be considered in charge of any loss in any form.

External Links

The website hopes to incorporate quality, protected and important external links; clients are guided to be careful before clicking any external web links or URLs defined on this website.
The registered owners of the site have no assurance about the contents of externally linked website. Clients must note that clicks on external links are at their personal risk. The site and its registered owners are not responsible for damages or consequences caused by visiting any of the external links.

Adverts and Sponsored Links

The website may comprise supported links and adverts. These will generally be attended by our advertising associates, who have comprehensive privacy policies relating to the adverts they place.

Clicking on adverts or URLs will bring you to the advertiser’s website by a referral program which might have cookies and will track the amount of recommendations sent from the site. This may comprise the use of cookies which may be saved on your computer’s storage drive. Hence, clients must note clicking on sponsored external links is at their own risk. The website and its registered owners are not accountable for any damages or implications due to external links visits or clicks.

Social Media Platforms

Communication, participation and activities made within external networking platforms that the website and its registered owners do are subject to terms and conditions along with privacy policies secured with all the social networking platforms.

Clients are advised to use online networking platforms cautiously and cooperate with rigid attention regarding their privacy and personal details. The website or its registered owners will not request personal or complex information over online networking platforms or endorse clients to talk about personal information of interest, but instead will communicate through telephone or e-mail.

The website makes use of social sharing buttons which helps web content mainly from web pages to online networking. Clients are referred to be cautious before using social sharing options.

Shortened Links in Social Media

The website and its registered owners through online networking platforms accounts or profiles is to share web connections to suitable site web pages. Some online networking stages abbreviate widespread URLs by default.

Clients are advised to be cautious before clicking any of the abbreviated URLs issued on online networking platforms by the website and its registered owners. Nevertheless, greatest efforts to make genuine URLs are published on numerous online networking platforms; are not intentionally to spam and to hack. The site and its registered owners are not accountable for any damages or implications initiated due to visiting any abbreviated links or URLs.